Remanufacturing Assessment Tool

The Remanufacturing Assessment Tool: Helping you identify candidates for remanufacturing

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Have you considered the end-of-life of your new products? Are your products candidates to be remanufactured? How do you find out?

The Remanufacturing Assessment Tool helps you determine if your product should be designed for remanufacturing. It asks you basic questions that are derived from common traits of remanufacturable products. (Click on the table below for more details) Don’t know the answer? The questions will expand to additional traits. In the end, the tool will score your product and determine if it should be designed for remanufacturing. If it is a weak or non-candidate, the tool will provide industry best practices for consideration that make your product more remanufacturable. You will also be able to estimate the economic impact of remanufacturing using a cost model.

Remanufacturing Enablers

Business Opportunity
  • Innovation risk management
  • Market behavior / acceptance
  • Liability risk management
Product Benefit
/ Value Added
  • Embedded resources
  • Quality
Product Life
  • Durability
  • Design viability
  • Disassembly / Separability
  • Condition assessability
  • Restorability
  • Core return potential
  • Existence of required knowledge
  • Developed infrastructure
Environ. Impact
  • Reduction in release
  • Reduction in resource use
  • Reduction in hazardous material
Graph showing iterative process for applying the Remanufacturing Assessment Tool.

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